Value Sensitive Design @ Khoury College

Technology is everywhere. It empowers people and reshapes our world. It is also the product of human minds. As computer and data scientists, it is up to us to ensure that the tools and systems we build have a positive impact on the world and contribute to human flourishing.

Value Sensitive Design, or VSD, is a framework for integrating ethics and values into the design of technological systems. VSD is the unifying foundation for a interdisciplinary, College-wide effort to integrate ethics into undergraduate education in the Khoury College.

This website provides an introduction to VSD and resources for those who want to learn more. This website also serves as the common foundation for ethics modules that will be taught in a variety of undergraduate classes in Khoury College.


VSD@Khoury is the work of an interdisciplinary team that combines technical expertise from Khoury College and ethical expertise from the College of Social Sciences and the Humanities. The team includes:

  • Christo Wilson - Associate Professor, Khoury College of Computer Sciences; Directory of the Bachelors in Cybersecurity
  • Ronald Sandler - Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion; Director, Ethics Institute
  • John Basl - Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Ava Thomas Wright - Postdoc, Department of Philosophy and Religion
  • Kevin Mills - Postdoc, Department of Philosophy and Religion


This effort is made possible by a generous grant from the Mozilla Foundation under the auspices of the Responsible Computer Science Challenge. Christo Wilson is funded in part by NSF grant CHS-1553088.